Learn enough to defend yourself.

“Hey Business owner, if you are scared by a dog”!  If you have not jumped on the social media marketing bandwagon because you really have no idea what it is, then all I can say is there is a pretty good chance that people are talking about your company one way or another and for your sake you better hope it is good.   If you are hesitant you need to learn enough to at least defend your company.  If people are tweeting and facebooking about you in negative ways you need to be able to fire back and set the record straight.  If you do nothing you will become nothing.  To have the ability to head off or respond to negative comments is a must and that just the beginning, so sign up, study and monitor the boards and once you get comfortable, social media will become your friend and you can begin to participate and become proactive with your post instead of just being on the defensive all the time.


~ by milldogs on January 14, 2010.

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