Are we being brainwashed by our government?

It begs to differ but word is that we are being brainwashed by our government.  With the new healthcare bill that just passed due to some questionable practices to secure the votes that they needed, it seems like the American public is just along for the ride and once again we have been tricked into thinking we have a say in the matter.  I am all for a good Health Care plan but not at the expense of losing my freedom of choice.  This thing is the largest tax ever implemented on the American Public, and it was left in the hands of our Government that seems to be handed more power each day.  I am scared to death to see what this country will look like five years from now so that is why I am writing this now.  My ass could be tossed in jail five years from now for speaking out about what freedom use to be.  People it does not matter what party you vote for because what use to be “OUR” government has become a  Dictatorship.


~ by milldogs on December 27, 2009.

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