Google Wave………What the heck is it?

For those that have not caught the wave yet, the vision of Google Wave is one of online communication completely reinvented for the possibilities — as well as the expectations — of the Facebook/Twitter era.

After all, e-mail itself is decade’s old and even highly successful Web 2.0 communication tools like blogs and wikis have gotten somewhat long in the tooth, at least in their most common forms. With browsers capable of doing more than ever and tight integration with existing information assets becoming more and more critical to users, Google Wave attempts to up the ante by combining many of the features and capabilities we come to expect in modern Web applications.  From my personal use of Google Wave over the last couple weeks I can attest to one thing, and that is that it is a hard-core email on steroids that really lets you interact with other wavers in real-time as much as texting or a phone conversation can.  It is a social media that has a lot going on in one space and people in your wave can interact as you add content.  I just hope it is not to daunting for the recreational social media dabbler, then again maybe I do.


~ by milldogs on December 21, 2009.

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