Social Media marketing your business can work if………………….

I had a pretty cool conversation with a friend of mine that owns a business here in Greenville this evening about social media.  He was a little skeptical about how he could generate enough business to warrant the time that he or somebody from his staff would have to invest in building a viral marketing program.  I told him I understand how daunting an effective viral  marketing campaign could be to initiate and it is just not the old adage  “If you build it, they will come”.  Social media takes time to experiment and explore what works for your specific type of business.  If  you jump in you have to be in for the long haul, it can’t just be a lot of initial effort to get up and hope it generates results immediately.  This is not a sale it is a store front that needs to be maintained.  Nothing is glamorous about a social media campaign but if you treat it like a process and not just a onetime rant for business you can build results for the long haul.   


~ by milldogs on December 15, 2009.

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