Wow I did not just hear that

I just got done doing a little prospecting this morning and I went into a local business here in Greenville (SC) that has been around for over 60 years but has started to get a little bad press lately so I wanted to see if I could set up an appointment to discuss some rebranding and a social media campaign along with a little PR work. As the conversation started I was told that we don’t need any help we have been around for sixty years and we will be around for another sixty because the people here in Greenville have nowhere else to go. They had no concern with their image and could care less what people thought. They actually told me that he had just told a prospective customer that his product was better than the competition because it came from his store, even though the customer had an ad from the Sunday paper that had the exact same product for $100 dollars less from his competition. The customer just asked him to match the price and the Business owner said “No way why should I give you $100 off that, I am in a business to make a profit not go out of business”. I was dumbfounded that he handled that situation that way, but who am I to judge his tactics, he is the one that has been in business for sixty years. All I can say is he better hope that person does not have a facebook page with a couple thousand friends or a twitter account with 50k followers.


~ by milldogs on December 14, 2009.

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